It is officially fall! As the trees transition from having colorful fall leaves to the bare branches of winter, warm fall days become gloomy and grey. Let hazy, fall days inspire your makeup mood. Grab charcoal eye liners, silvery-grey eye shadows and dark grey nails to get into the mood.

Want the look? Begin with a medium coverage foundation. Add a matte and muted blush tone to the base of the cheekbones. Add silver shadows to the eyelids up to the crease. Blend dark smoky greys and deep browns into the outer crease of the eyes. Line the outer corners of the eyes with a deep grey or dark eyeliner. Smooth lines with a short haired brush to soften harsh lines. Apply shimmering silver shadows to the inner corners of the eyes to soften and create a more angelic look. Line the lower lash line with a black liner for definition , blend the liner towards the inner liner. Add mascara to the upper and lower lashes for a your final touch and it’s time to go!

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