It’s the second day of the New Year. Like me, you’ve made your new year’s resolution to work out more, be healthy and wear makeup to work every single day. A new start to your beauty routine could be the motivation behind your complete self-improvement overhaul.

Improve your daily routine with an effervescent, foaming face wash. A bubbly, foaming wash will invigorate your skin helping to get your morning moving. Now that your skin is clean, use clean hands to hydrate. Oily or dry, all skin types require a healthy dose of moisture in order to maintain a healthy appearance. If your skin is dehydrated from brutal weather conditions try Embryolisse Filaderme’s enriched moisturizing cream that aids your skin in maintaining it’s optimal while protecting it from external forces. Apply sparingly with fingertips over the whole face and neck so that only a fine sheen remains on the skin. If your skin is oily from external conditions like central heating systems or poor air quality try Mario Badescu’s Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin. The soothing botanicals and healing seaweed extract make daily oil-free, ideal for acne-erupted, sensitive and oily skin and provides natural hydration and protection against moisture loss.

Next up liquid foundation, blush, mascara and lips. You can do it, I promise! No matter your skin tone, begin by blending a liquid foundation with a sun protecting moisturizer and apply throughout the face and neck. Use a concealer to disguise hyper-pigmentation and redness along the under eye, nasal folds and along the outer creases of the lips and mouth.

Sweep a blush onto the apples of the cheeks and throughout the temples to give the illusion of a sun-kissed cheek.

Stick with minimalist eyes to speed up your makeup application, reach for a heavy duty mascara, apply 4 coats to your top lashes 2 to the bottom and keep moving! Apply a thin eye liner along the upper lash line to create subtle definition.

Make lips the center of attention with a fruity peach or strawberry pink lipstick or gloss and make a mad dash to work!

Good luck ladies, have a beautiful new year!

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