LAUREN NAPIER BEAUTY wipes are in my makeup bag at all times.

Ashley Reynolds -
Richmond , VA

Your wipes are really good! I love the freshness of my skin afterwards. Cheers!

Michaela Logue -
Delray Beach , FL

On the car ride home from a night full of fun + dancing with my bff! Feels so good!
Sarah J -

Los Angeles, CA

The best for taking off makeup!!

Lauren Leaderhouse -
Key Largo , FL

My favorite wipes to take off the day!

Danielle Evans -
New York, NY

Stunning 💋🙌🏾 it’s AMAZING perfect for vacation , weekends away, and I used in hospital daily to feel just a little better on my skin no moisturizer. Just took my “Cleanse” ... it’s literally in my top 5 all time beauty must haves

Lorna Mitchell -
London, England

On the go necessity!

Ke Nisha Ruff -
Columbus, OH

Can't live without them.

Natalie Randal -
Houston, TX

The ingredients hands down is the first thing that I like about the “cleanse” facial wipes as the soothing properties of “aloe, cucumber, and water”, then the added fact that it’s not stripping like most facial wipes

and it has the right consistency in terms of the texture to remove products or just refresh...I like that it’s travel friendly and it helps to cleanse your face on-the-go and maintain your faces moisture level. 👌🏾

Saint Jegnist

Soooo mommy confession - at the end of the night, I HATE washing my face! I just want to crawl into bed with my, I cheat-ish. I use my baby's wipes to clean my face 😜! BUT, this, it's my perfect fix!

Catherine Addai -
Toronto, Ontario

The Best thing you’ll use on your face to clean off makeup. Leslie Jones - Harlem, New York

I have a few in my carry on, right now. Lol! Thank you for making such an amazing product! Starr Howard - Walnut Creek, California